'Ark Survival Evolved' 'Turkey Trial 5' Guide: When Will Event Last, What Items Are Up for Grabs?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 24, 2021 05:02 AM EST
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It is that time of the year where players of Ark Survival Evolved will partake in the game's yearly Thanksgiving event, Turkey Trial, as it returns for the fifth time.

With the said event, players of the online survival game will have the chance to get event-exclusive items, including cosmetics such as event skins, as well as they will also get several in-game bonuses.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Ark

During the Turkey Trials 5 event, according to mp1st.com, players will have the opportunity to hunt down event-exclusive creatures, the Super Turkeys.

These wild birds, according to Newsweek, is scattered across the game's map, with the majority of them are commonly seen on the beach coast.

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Despite having 2,000 Health, the Super Turkeys can deal lots of damage towards the players, as well as it has a high health regeneration properties, making it a monster that is tough to beat.

Once they defeat these killer poultry, they drop an amount of Wishbones, which they can use to craft the aforementioned items, which includes the brand-new Turkey Costume, as well as three Ugly Sweater skins.

Old event-exclusive items from the last year's Turkey Trial are also up for grabs for this year, including the Bonnet and Chieftan hat skins, the Dodo Pie swim bottom and swim top skins, the Dodorex swim bottom and swim top skin, the Dodorex-print shirt skin, and the Meat swim bottom and swim top skin.

They will also have a chance to get the Murder Turkey swim bottom and swim top skin, the Murder Turkey-print shirt skin, the Pilgrim hat skin, the Pitchfork skin, the Turkey hat and leg skin, the Turkey swim bottom and swim top skin, the Ugly Cornucopia sweater skin, and the Ugly Trike sweater skin.

According to acrofan.com, they will also get brand new chibis such as the Deinonychus Chibi, the Kaprosochus Chibi, the Onyc Chibi, the Tek Raptor Chibi, and the Gigantopithecus Chieftain Chibi.

Also in the event, players can also craft a DodoRex of their own by using a certain amount of Wishbones.

They can also encounter, and tame, this Dodo-T-Rex hybrid in the wild, which according to guided.news, it is up to no good and cause mischief during the event.

Aside from the Wishbones, players can also collect Thanksgiving Dino Candy, which can be possibly exchanged with items during the Turkey Trial 5 event.

The creatures in Ark Survival Evolved will also feel the Thanksgiving celebration with this holiday-themed colors such as Orange, Medium and Light Autumn, Burnt Sienna, Brown, Vermillion, Red, and Dino Dark Red.

When will the Turkey Trials Last

The Turkey Trial 5 event in Ark Survival Evolved was started last November 23rd, and it will last until December 7th.

During the event, players who are playing in the game's official servers will experience 3x the XP earned, as well as 3x the Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding bonus.

Those who are in the Small Tribe servers will get a 4.5x XP bonus, a 4.5x Harvesting and Taming bonus, and a 4x Breeding bonus.

On the other hand, those who are playing in the ARKPocalypse server will have a 5x XP bonus, and a 5x Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding bonus, while those that are in the Conquest will get a 4.5 XP bonus, a 4.5x Harvesting and Taming bonus, and a 4x Breeding bonus.

Despite of what server they are playing, they will also get a .6x Mating Interval bonus, and 1.5x Hexagon bonus.

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