'Fallout' Developer ZeniMax Files Trademarks For Nuka-Cola, Possibly For a New Game?

By Alex Wolfe , Updated Apr 17, 2014 04:02 PM EDT

Ever find yourself wishing you could sit back and pop open a Nuka-Cola from the Fallout games on a hot summer day?

Well, you're probably going to have to still wait a while for that one, but Fallout studio ZeniMax Media did file some patents with the US patent office pertaining to the famous cola, which IGN dug up today.

The trademarks were filed for games and computer software, clothing and apparel, and electronic services. That last one is interesting, because IGN notes that that trademark specifically referenced "electronic computer games via the internet." Maybe with the success of The Elder Scrolls Online, ZeniMax has an MMO in the works for their other major property? It's probably a long shot, but it'd sure be cool.

If you're not familiar with Nuka-Cola, first go play Fallout 3, because you'll definitely know then. It's more or less the Coke of the Fallout world, and it survived the apocalypse like a cockroach or a Twinkie.

Unfortunately there wasn't a trademark filed for a beverage, so we won't get to drink any actual Nuka-Cola any time soon. But if that second trademark means Nuka-Cola T-shirts for all, we could be in good shape.

Then again, it's also possible that ZeniMax is considering making their own Soda Drinker Pro, starring Nuka-Cola. Hopefully we'll know soon enough.

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