Gamecube Controller For Wii U: Unveiled Adapter Lets You Use Traditional Game Pad, Will Be Used At E3 'Smash Bros.' Tournament [VIDEO, PHOTO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated May 29, 2014 04:05 PM EDT

Nintendo made a surprise announcement today in a video detailing the upcoming E3 Super Smash Bros. tournament, revealing an adapter that will let you use Gamecube controllers on your Wii U.

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The GameCube Controller Adapter appeared at the very end of the video when Nintendo brought up the topic of control options for the tournament, showing off a device that plugs into the Wii U and offers four GameCube controller ports.

GameCube pads have long been the best way to play Super Smash Bros. titles since the franchise's debut on the console, with most Wii owners preferring to plug in their controllers from the previous console rather than use the Wiimote to play Brawl. The Wiimote and nunchuck combination were serviceable, but as Nintendo has realized with Wii U, there's no substitute for the traditional controller in a game that requires tight movements and actions.

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The box is small, but there's no word on price of availability as of now. We'll probably see these details revealed at the tournament, or during Nintendo's E3 Direct video, which the company is putting out in lieu of a traditional press conference.

They tweeted the announcement as well after the Super Smash Bros tournament video was posted. Of note is the Super Smash Bros. logo shown on the controller where it usually says Nintendo GameCube. This may just be promotional for the video and tournament, but I do wonder if they will resell the controller in any fashion for those who don't still (or never did) have GameCube controllers.

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