GTA V PC PS4 Release Date: When Can You Expect The Next Gen Version, And Will The Graphics Upgrade Be Worth It To You? [VIDEO]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Jun 11, 2014 01:25 PM EDT

Sony excited Rockstar fans around the world when it revealed during its E3 conference that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PlayStation 4 (as well as Xbox One and PC) later this year.

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The big question is when you can expect the title on the new hardware, which will unfortunately remain uncertain for the time being. The end of the trailer, below, reveals that the new version will be coming in "fall 2014", which could be a number of months.

October is already packed with next-gen releases, so hopefully Rockstar will steer clear as to not bankrupt their fans. I'd imagine the team is looking at the release schedule for other titles, and even though GTA would command more attention than most properties, Rockstar may want to make it the main event of a less busy month. September was the original launch month for Grand Theft Auto V and lies on the edge of the season, so it's possible the developers will celebrate a year since release with the new version.

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The other question you have to ask would be, is it worth it? It's only been a year since launch, so the title is likely fresh in the minds of all those who played it. That means the desire to spend full price on a game many recently finished isn't likely to be there for most, but the title will appeal to plenty who did not get a chance to play yet, or have been waiting for this upgraded version.

Additionally, there are those who won't be able to resist the new edition regardless of how recently they played the original. And to be clear, the new version looks fantastic--the footage in the trailer below, all captured on PS4, is an obvious upgrade. The textures, resolution, and lightning are all much improved on the superior hardware, and though GTA V looked good on PS3 and Xbox 360, the new graphics may be worth it no matter how recently you played the game.

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