Super Smash Bros 4 Characters: Our Top 4 New Challengers In The Upcoming Wii U And 3DS Titles

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Sep 01, 2014 01:43 PM EDT

Super Smash Bros.'s developers have consistently provided news on the upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles for months, releasing a screenshot each day alongside a relevant bit of information.

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Occasionally, new characters were revealed to the anxious fans in this manner, and there was an especially high number of announcements during E3. Recently the alleged full roster leaked, and both video evidence and subsequent official announcements seem to support the leak's veracity.

Given all of the new information, we've decided to take a look at the four most exciting new characters joining the Super Smash Bros. fray. This is just opinion, so yours may vary, but we'll do our best to support our positions.

Character Customization Menu Revealed

The current official roster can be found here--our list is as follows, in no particular order:


This is here partially because of how big of a surprise his presence on the roster is. There have been characters from non-Nintendo properties before, but I'm not sure anyone would have expected the famous yellow man to make an appearance. What's more, his transition into the game has been handled quite well--he looks great, and his abilities seem useful from what we know so far. Such an iconic retro character making his way into the series, and doing so in style, is just plain cool.

Mega Man

In part because of the same reasons as the character above, having Mega Man as a playable Super Smash Bros character is great for fans of both franchises. Though it's likely not something most would have imagined when the fighting series launched on N64, Mega Man fits right in with Nintendo's zany cast of characters. The type of combatants has shifted over time, and we've seen those ranging from realistic combat (Snake) to the fantastical (every Pokemon). Mega Man falls somewhere in the middle, and I think there are very few who are unhappy with his presence.


A departure from the last two names, and a worthy addition for completely different reasons. Shulk is different from many of the game's fighters, though he'll mostly closely resemble many of the Fire Emblem characters. He's the first character from Xenoblade to make the series, and his debut video is impressive. His range of abilities and attack style with a long-reaching melee weapon look exciting, and it seems like he will bring a unique blend of speed, reach, and power to the series.

Mii Fighters

The most controversial inclusion in the new games, the Mii Fighters have brought forth a variety of responses from the fan base. While some are fine with their inclusion, others feel the somewhat goofy-looking, customizable warriors have no place in the series made for established, iconic characters. It's this split opinion that drove us to include them on this list--it will be very interesting to see how they fit in to the games, and if fans end up warming to them after getting some hands-on time.

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