Flash vs Arrow Spoilers: Special Crossover Event Sees Higher Ratings Than Previous Episodes, Hints At Future Team Ups [VIDEO]

By Donyae Coles , Updated Dec 04, 2014 06:06 PM EST

The fans have spoken and it's clear: Arrow/Flash Crossover was a success! According to Super Hero Hype, the second part of the two part series entitled "The Brave and the Bold" brought in 3.86 million viewers making it number two in the raking of Arrow episodes. Something about the mash up of two young hip heroes just really got people going.

Evil Comes in Many Forms in Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice 

The episode was part two of a storyline that started over on The Flash and finds the two heroes back to their normal selves. Meaning Flash wasn't raging out and Arrow wasn't shooting him full of, well, arrows. Both parties are hyper focused on bringing down the target who does turn out to be Boomerang.

At first, Ollie is all, no, we can't work together but when Barry says that he'll do things the way the more experienced hero wants, Oliver relents and agrees to let him come along and fight the bad guys. This episode was less hero vs hero and more teamwork to get a job done. Although the two still have a good deal of tension between them, all seems well by the end and they may even work together again.

Possible Sequel to The Dark Knight Returns in the Works

Of course, this happens right before the Arrow and The Flash mid-season finale. Each hero will be facing a new challenge and I'm sure the events of this week will seem like a pleasant dream. Flash will be confronted by Reverse Flash (which is a weird name. I mean wouldn't that guy be evil AND slow?), the man who killed his mother. Meanwhile, Team Arrow tussles with Ra al Ghul in a rush to find Sara's killer. Check out the trailers for both below.

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