Blizzard Announces Heroes Of The Dorm, New Tournament For College Students Who Don't Go To Class [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 06, 2015 12:10 PM EST

Did you go to college for the express purpose of furthering your education, only to end up playing a lot of video games? Well, Blizzard is here to help. If you're really, really good at Heroes of the Storm, they'll let you keep playing it at school...for free!

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The company has announced Heroes of the Dorm, a new North American exclusive tournament. Collegiate teams - who honestly really should be studying - can compete against one another for over $450,000 in prizes, including free tuition for the winning group of heroes.

You can register at until March 26, with qualifying rounds taking place a few days later. Teams who pass will then compete in a 64 team single-elimination melee in April for a chance to battle in the finals, to be aired on ESPN.

New Heroes Of The Storm Weekly Tournament Announced

So, I guess they're supporting the idea of college? But, to be honest, to be good at a MOBA, you really have to forsake everything else: social life, dating and especially classes. Ain't nobody got time for books when there are lanes to push, after all. Where was this when I was coming up? I played World of Warcraft nearly my entire time at school and look where I am today! (please kids, don't emulate my poor life choices)

For those of you who are not academically gifted - non-students to be precise - you can still get in on the action by picking winners in a new fantasy bracket. If you pick the winning team, you'll get a cool $10,000.

Watch the trailer below and get ready to flunk, Heroes of the Dorm happens soon.

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