Heroes Of The Storm Strategy Guide: Blizzard Reveals Tips For New 'Tomb Of The Spider Queen' Battleground [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Mar 27, 2015 10:12 AM EDT

By now, many of you have gotten a chance to check out the latest battleground in Heroes of the Storm, Tomb of the Spider Queen.

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The three lane, Egyptian-esque battlefield is an excellent addition to the gameplay rotation, and plays similar to Blackheart Bay in terms of its mechanics. The map is lorded over by...you guessed it, the Spider Queen who will agree to help your side. For a price, of course. Enemy creep and enemy heroes drop Gem which can be collected and dropped as tribute in one of two Altars.

Each team must gather up 50 gems to appease the Spider Queen, at which point she will unleash her cadre of Webweavers down along each path. The Weavers are high damage ranged minions that periodically summon a pair of melee scarabs and can command up to six at a time until they are destroyed. They are highly effective and their multi-lane focus makes them a pain on all fronts for the opposing team.

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Of course, once summoned, the amount of gems you need to collect increases by five each time, so the killing must always continue.

Luckily, killing is easy here in the Tomb. The compact nature of the map allows for quicker movement across its surface, and the lack of Siege mercs means the Webweavers are your best chance for turning the tide of battle in your favor. You'll be battling over gems - collect the ones that drop from creep as soon as possible, lest they disappear; and try to keep the ones dropped from killed heroes from being recollected.

You can explore the map yourself over here. Blizzard release a new video giving a quick overview of everything you can expect to find in the latest map. Check it out below.

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