Watch Legendary 'World Of Warcraft' Axe Gorehowl Forged In Real Life By Acclaimed Weaponsmith Tony Swatton [VIDEO]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 06, 2015 09:53 AM EDT

Blizzard has made a big business out of creating stellar works of high fantasy and science fiction. Throughout their properties, they've rendered countless tales of heroes, villains and deep histories where violence is the key to the life. And nothing makes violence better than having a great weapon by your side.

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Doomhammer. Frostmourne. Gorehowl. These are the names that any longtime player of World of Warcraft recognizes. The history of Azeroth was written - and in some cases, rewritten - by their strokes. The first two, Doomhammer (the mallet wielded by Orgrim Doomhammer) and Frostmourne, the blade of Arthas the Lich King, have been lovingly replicated in real life. A friend of mine even owns a Frostmourne, and it is truly glorious.

Now Blizzard has enlisted the help of master blacksmith Tony Swatton of Man at Arms fame to produce the next great replica weapon, Gorehowl, the axe of Grommash Hellscream. The axe that stopped the demon Mannoroth on two separate occasions, across two separate timelines.

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Blizzard has released an eight minute short look at the forging process and it's quite a wonder to behold a master of his craft in action. Weaponsmithing is a long and arduous task, and we only get the highlights and I am still exhausted and blown away by the skill on display.

Sadly, the final product is not on sale - nor is there discussion that it ever will be. We certainly hope it is in the future; if one can be done, so can others.

So, clear out a space on your wall, Gorehowl may be with us one day. Until then, check out the video below.

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