'Mortal Kombat X' Jason Fatalities & Brutalities List: A Quick Guide To Pulling Off Voorhees' Killing Moves

By GameNGuide Staff , Updated May 07, 2015 12:22 PM EDT

Fatalities? Brutalities? Everything Jason Voorhees does in Mortal Kombat is deadly. See how to pull off the new DLC character's moves with this handy guide.


Kill For Mother: (Mid range) Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Triangle/Y

Sleeping Bag Killer: (Mid range) Down, Back, Forward, Circle/B + Block [R2]


Blunt Trauma (Any variation): Win both rounds, kill opponent with either Shoulder Charge or Temple Slam (Back, Forward, X/A + Block)

Go to Hell (Any variation): From jumping distance, end the match with The Horror (his X-ray move, L2+R2)

Blood Bath (Slasher variation): Finish opponent with Bloodlust (Down, Forward, Square/X + Block) and hold up during the attack animation

Head Spin (Relentless variation): Activate Pursuit (Down, Down, X/A) and end the match with the Crippler (Down, Back, Forward, Triangle/Y+Block)

Spinal Tap (Unstoppable variation): Get resurrected in the final round and finish your opponent with the Back Breaker (Down, Back, Forward+Square/X) or Spine Shatter (Down, Back, Forward+Square/X +Block)


Simple stuff! Enjoy the bloodbath and have fun decimating that camp counselor population. Here's a video showing it all in action! For more on Mortal Kombat X see our previous guides to all the characters' Fatalities and Brutalities.

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