'Overwatch' Is Breaking Stereotypes With New Characters: What Is Making The Heroes Extra Special?; Is It The FPS Game To Beat?

By Roleen Delos Reyes , Updated May 30, 2016 07:29 AM EDT

Gamers are saying yes to diversity. “Overwatch” unveiled 21 characters of varying features to properly represent a player’s choice of race, gender, preferences and ancestry. Creators of “Overwatch” is determined to break the stereotype in its most recent game upgrade.

According to Gulf News, your biases will be left frozen as the ice popping protagonist breaks through the limiting ceiling. “Overwatch” main character, Mei, will be hailing from China much to the surprise of most gamers. “Overwatch” is keen on not making Mei an everyday lady off -the-mold character.

As creator Arnold Tsang like to put it, “From a visual standpoint, we want every character to have a different silhouette, not just because that’s more interesting to look at but because you want to be able to know which character is coming at you from a distance when you’re playing.”

“Overwatch” is lending its ears to the criticism blowing over the gaming industry. To a great extent, Blizzard partnered with Net Ease Inc to have “Overwatch” released in China. More than a squad game, a diverse set of heroes is one for the books. “Overwatch” game designer, Michael Chu, tells fans that there are more characters to come.

The Daily Beast also reported that “Overwatch” shining armor is its striking character formation both in power and physical departments. While it is a squad game, it is quite a sensation for a game following the successful Warcraft franchise, and can open doors to professional e-gaming. However, “Overwatch” lack of narrative is compensated through a net-based coming to cover back stories.

“Overwatch” players are encouraged to try all characters and easier to play with an ability to switch heroes mid-game. In a report by News.com.au, PC and console users unite in calling it a flawless game that stands out in the FPS genre. “Overwatch” is created to highlight teamwork as they traverse as heroes in the midst of a robot uprising.

As fans continue to rave, “Overwatch” is the FPS to beat. Maybe “Overwatch” can escape the shadow of Team Fortress 2 this time.

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