'Final Fantasy' Release Date, News & Update: FF VII Remake Announcement Happening at E3?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 11, 2016 10:29 AM EDT

Game developer Square Enix is expected to have its plate full at E3 2016 which would include a couple of game titles under the “Final Fantasy” brand and “Kingdom Hearts 3."

We did touch on the state of “Kingdom Hearts 3” yesterday, mostly involving the potential revelation of new worlds and characters. So with that out of the way, focus shifts to the “Final Fantasy” series.

Among the titles likely to be out at E3 2016 include that of “Final Fantasy XV” and “Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age”. But what about the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” that Square Enix last announced was under development at last year’s E3?

Nothing has evolved to date and the game title is something that gamers want to know.

The last update tied up to “Final Fantasy VII Remake” was that the game would be split into several full-length games, seen as something similar to what Square Enix had done with “Final Fantasy XIII”.

“Final Fantasy XIII” was divided into three titles and such could be the same route that “Final Fantasy VII Remake” may follow. That of course needs confirmation and a lot of “Final Fantasy” fans are hoping that one comes up at the E3 event.

Should “Final Fantasy VII Remake” be split up into various installments, gamers will likely experience the same methodology followed to date which would be through downloadable content (DLCs). With that privilege, updating and getting the other game installments should be easy to manage on the part of the players.

For those who were unable to catch it, some of the notable features were already shown via the game’s official trailer. Noticeable are the changes in the combat style and workarounds though there are expectedly more adjustments as far as the game logistics.

Hopefully, Square Enix will include some updated details of “Final Fantasy VII Remake” at E3, a much awaited one by fans.

As far as its potential release date, “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is speculated to be released either by the Fall of 2017 or maybe in 2018.

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