Volition Announced A Game Inspired By 'Saint Rows' Universe; 'Agents Of Mayhem' A Diverse Futuristic Gameplay

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jun 17, 2016 02:52 AM EDT

Volition surprised the game aficionados by unveiling a new title ispired by the "Saints Row" universe, "Agents of Mayhem." The upcoming game is something that fans would look forward to with its differen kind of gameplay and futuristic settings. 

'Agents of Mayem' Gameplay

The players of "Agents of Mayhem" will have the ability to play with a group of fighting squads that are part of the Multinational Agency for Hunting Evil Masterminds, which reads MAYHEM when abbreviated.

"Agents of Mayhem" users can choose three crime fighters from the 12 super agents. The chosen troop then has to face the League of Evil Gentlemen Intent on Obliterating Masterminds or simply called, LEGION.

The "Agents of Mayhem" is fully supported by a company called, Utor, which is from the "Saints Row" universe, according to WCCFTech.

'Agents of Mayhem' Settings

"Agents of Mayhem" is set in the revolutionary open world of Seoul, South Korea, which has been rebuilt after the attack of the Legions.

Volition did its best to make "Agents of Mayhem" as modern and realistic as possible by adding futuristic technologies and billboards of K-Pop stars.

'Agents of Mayhem' Characters

In "Agents of Mayhem," the players have the ability to switch characters even if it's in the middle of a mission, just like in "Marvel Vs Capcom 2."

The characters, too, are diverse like in any fighting games and bright and colorful, AusGamers reported. Not only do the characters have multicolored appearance, but the graphics and overall visuals of the game itself are vibrant as well.

Even if "Agents of Mayhem" has an "RPG-like damage numbers and special moves," the title could work as a co-op experience. Each of "Agents of Mayhem" characters has its own abilities, but in spite of choosing the players' own three individuals, it might not always work, as per PCGamesN.

This is in particular if the "Agents of Mayhem" opponents have the same skills to pace with the agents' skillset. However, Volition clarified that "Agents of Mayhem" is only a single-player game.

"Agents of Mayhem" release date is expected to come sometime in 2017.

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