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By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 21, 2016 05:24 AM EDT

The "Street Fighter" series has been around for 29 years and what better way to celebrate it than playing "Street Fighter 5."

"Street Fighter 5" combat style is built around the V-system, a series of super-powered abilities that you can use once your character's power meter is full.

'Street Fighter 5' Commands rundown

"Street Fighter 5" V-Trigger

Command: Press heavy punch and kick buttons at the same time.
What it does: The effect is different for each character. In "Street Fighter 5" V-Trigger mode, Chun-li can gain extra hits every time she attacks, while Necalli can transform into a different character.

"Street Fighter 5" V-Skill

Command: Press medium punch and kick buttons at the same time.
What it does: Using this mode helps fill up your V-gauge in "Street Fighter 5." Just like V-Trigger, V-Skill's effect is different for each character. Depending on the "Street Fighter 5" character you select, you can parry attacks, absorb projectiles, or even increase your attack power.

"Street Fighter 5" V-Reversal

Command: Press all three punches or kicks, depending on the character.
What it does: Tired of constantly blocking attacks? Use V-Reversal in order to pull away from your "Street Fighter 5" enemy's barrage of hits and move to safety.

"Street Fighter 5" quick info: Performing V-Reversal will use up one segment from your V-Gauge.

'Street Fighter 5' New world order

Savage claw attacks, electric Jiu-jitsu, vicious tornadoes, and lethal poison. These "Street Fighter 5" new characters have killer moves.

"Street Fighter 5" F.A.N.G.
Shadaloo's second-in-command uses deadly poison as part of his arsenal.

"Street Fighter 5" Laura
She's a Brazillian Jiu-jitsu specialist who can dish out crazy throwdowns.

"Street Fighter 5" Necalli
He's a tribal warrior with the ability to tap into an ancient power that gives him beastly strength.

"Street Fighter 5" Rashid
He's a swift Arabian fighter who uses tornado attacks and dive kicks to KO his opponent.

You can play "Street Fighter 5" on PS4 and PC.

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