‘Half-Life 3’ News & Updates: Workers At Valve Prioritize VR Games, Is 'Half-Life 3' Still Coming?

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Jun 23, 2016 11:51 AM EDT

Valve being a dominant player in the PC gaming has moved its direction towards VR games. This may have been prompted by their success in Vive VR system, which they co-developed with HTC.

The VR Trend In Gaming

According to reports from The Verge, Alan Yates from Valve said that a third of its workforce is devoted to VR division. Yates, who is a hardware engineer, said that Valve is working on future generations of the product.

To be a part of the pioneer team when AR/VR research team began at Valve was a great opportunity, Yates wrote in a thread on a Vive Subreddit thread. He noted that the team used to be smaller than it is today.

He worked at the same time Michael Abash, best known for his work on early graphics technology at Quake, was trying to assemble his VR team around 2011.

Most importantly, the key individuals have stayed with the company, developing next generation VR headsets for consumers.

Where Does It Leave 'Half-Life 3?'

Fans of "Half-Life 3", PC Master Race in particular, are demanding the release of the game. Because of the recent revelations about Valve's focus on VR, Steam has been receiving angry emails from angry fans.

The Inquirer reported that it would come to almost nine years since the last "Half-Life" was introduced. For this period of time, fans have been waiting for a third episode add-on to "Half-Life 2" or the full "Half-Life 3" sequel.

However, reports everywhere are saying that "Half-Life 3" is absolutely coming soon. The website thinks that Valve's first VR project may be "Half-Life 3."

What do you think Valve is working on? Is "Half-Life 3" coming soon? Let us know through the comments below.

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