‘Just Cause 3’ News, Updates: ‘Just Cause 3’ Unofficial Multiplayer Mod Shows Promising Results; JC3-MP Mod To Be Released Soon?

By Andrian T. , Updated Jul 06, 2016 08:43 AM EDT

"Just Cause 3" currently has a multiplayer mod in the works; however, the mod is being developed by Nanos and not the official game developer Avalanche.

The group just released a video showing what they have done so far with the game. Even though "Just Cause 3" is protected by an anti-tampering technology, that did not prevent Nanos from getting around it, as players can now enjoy jumping out of the sky in parachutes or flying into the air in jetpacks.

The server for the multiplayer mod has become quite stable, and players can now enjoy uninterrupted play for at least an hour. The multiplayer mod, however, is not ready yet, but by the time it comes out, players will need to have the "Just Cause 3" DLC before they can use the mod. Nanos is still currently working on completing the mod's menu and browser.

During an interview in late 2014, Avalanche co-founder Christofer Sundberg said that there is a possibility that his company may worked on a multiplayer version for "Just Cause 3," but claimed that he does not think a fan-made multiplayer mod for the game will ever be made.

Sundberg obviously underestimated the enthusiasm of Nanos in making a multiplayer mod for the game. Since Nanos is already working for a new "Just Cause 3" multiplayer mode, this may cause some conflict between the two game developers, as players may find themselves choosing between two JC3 MP mods - the official and unofficial version.

According to PC Gamer, several members of Nanos and Avalanche had a recent informal meeting. The atmosphere of the meeting was described as cordial, and eventhough Avalanche group "likes" the multiplayer mod that Nanos is working on, the "Just Cause 3" developer has stop giving its official approval on the fan made project

Nanos is also the same group that developed the multiplayer mod for the previous "Just Cause 2," and though it was an unofficial release, Avalanche welcomed the JC2-MP mod. The "Just Cause 2" multiplayer mod took at least 2 years to be release, and this is probably the reason for Avalanche's enthusiastic response.

Watch a Nanos Framework's "Just Cause 3" multiplayer mode below:

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