'Overwatch' DLC Release Date, News & Update: Sombra A New Stealth Hero? Discovered Data Reveals Ana & Sombra Are Two Different Characters

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 20, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the upcoming expansion pack of "Overwatch." In fact, it was recently found out through the datamined Public Test Real server of "Overwatch" that the DLC hero Ana and "Sombra" might be two different characters.

A New Stealth Hero in 'Overwatch' game

It is strongly believed that Ana from the "Overwatch" DLC is actually "Sombra," but on the test server, the character is never called as "Sombra."

This might mean that Sombra is actually a different character and deems to be the new stealth hero on the next "Overwatch" DLC, The Bitbag reported.

In a video, the "Overwatch" heroes, Reinhardt, Reaper and Tracer can be seen calling an invisible enemy. This antagonist could be the voiceline that is probably activated when a stealth hero is around.

This voiceline, too, might work to track down Symmetra's Teleporter that is used to inform one's allies that an opponent is nearby.

Anyhow, the game aficionados' prediction about Sombra may be inconsequential as per the "Overwatch" director Jeff Kaplan.

He explained that fans are still far away from learning anything about Sombra on the upcoming "Overwatch" DLC.

But, the discovered data can't deny the distinction of Ana and Sombra and it looks like fans should wait for the official announcement of the next DLC of "Overwatch."

'Overwatch' Fail Skill Rating System

Meanwhile, Blizzard, the "Overwatch" game developer, already addressed the fail skill rating system in the title's Competitive Mode.

Jeff Kaplan told Kotaku that the team behind "Overwatch" should find a way to change the players' approach when it comes to their ratings.

The percentile system is being ridiculed by the "Overwatch" gamers for carrying a low value that is often linked with numbers, according to Daily Express.

"We're coming up with a lot of ideas," Jeff Kaplan said. "But once we really look at our skill rating non-emotionally and we look at the distribution curve of where players are at, it's exactly how we modeled it to be. It's this beautiful bell curve.

However, Jeff Kaplan insisted that the skill rating system of "Overwatch" only implies the best players of the game and not the trying to identify the weak.

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