‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 54 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Son Goku Dies & Future Trunks Finally Kills Black Goku? More Details Here

By Jastine Uy , Updated Aug 02, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Millions of fans are now waiting for the upcoming airing of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54. Now, recent reports are claiming that Future Trunks will be killing Black Goku after Son Goku died while fighting the super villain.

Son Goku dies, Future Trunks kills Black Goku in 'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 54

New "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 spoilers are claiming that Son Goku will die while fighting with Black Goku. Most fans are convinced that Son Goku is not the one who could kill Black Goku as he is not the main character of the new arc.

With this, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 spoilers are claiming that Future Trunks will be able to kill Black Goku. Sources have claimed that Vegeta has been training Future Trunks for the upcoming mega fight.

As a matter of fact, Vegeta was seen training Future Trunks in the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 trailer. Moreover, Vegeta was heard challenging Future Trunks to do his best as they plan to defeat Black Goku in the near future.

Previous reports have claimed that Son Goku will accidentally die in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 while fighting with Black Goku. Most followers of the popular animated show think that Son Goku could not defeat his copy as they have the same amount of power and skills.

Hence, it is quite possible that Future Trunks will be defeating Black Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54. Son Goku, on the other hand, will get help from Beerus, Zamasu and Whis; one of them will bring him back to life.

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 54 air date, spoilers, title, synopsis, plot, news & update

Titled as "Inheritor of Saiyan Blood: Trunks," the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 is expected to feature more on the story of Future Trunks and his adventures as the next Super Saiyan. Defeating Black Goku could be one of the ways Future Trunks can prove that he is a legitimate inheritor of the Saiyan Blood.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 54 airs on Sunday, August 7 on Fuji TV. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 545 spoilers, news and updates!

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