‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date, News & Update: Leaked Gameplay Lowered Fans’ Expectations, Is There No Cause To Panic?

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Aug 02, 2016 11:44 AM EDT

Leaks of "No Man's Sky" was the talk of the gamers over the weekend after a Reddit user posted them online, weeks ahead of its scheduled official release. The Reddit user claimed that there's nothing special in "No Man's Sky," which could be a great cause of panic to many of its fans.

Nothing Special In 'No Man's Sky' Ships?

As previously reported in Game & Guide, Reddit user daymeeuhn posted different footages and his thoughts of "No Man's Sky" online after he managed to secure a copy on eBay for $1,300. While daymeeuhn took down the video and footages of "No Man's Sky" following pleas from game developer Sean Murray, comments about the game continued to circulate.

According to BitBag, daymeeuhn claimed that there's nothing spectacular to "No Man's Sky" ships, in contrast to what Sean Murray promised. Like many fans, daymeeuhn was expecting to see different types of ships including "science ships" and "combat ships" in "No Man's Sky." More so, the storage capacity of the ship is lesser than the player's own suit. It isn't sure yet if this is part of the survival aspect of the game or something that Hello Games should fix.

Should Fans Lower Expectations?

This is only one aspect of the game that daymeeuhn discussed. The Reddit user also detailed how he was able to reach the galaxy center, one of the game's important goals. While some fans were looking forward to what most daymeeuhn listed as negative, Forbes said that fans shouldn't panic about "No Man's Sky." Simply because fans couldn't trust this person's words about the space exploration game. The author pointed out that it's kind of ridiculous to buy "No Man's Sky" for $1,300 when in 10 days, it will be released for $59.99.

"No Man's Sky "will be released on Aug. 9 on PS4 and Aug. 12 on PC. This is the only time that fans may prove if what daymeeuhn is claiming are correct.

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