‘No Man’s Sky’ Release Date, News & Update: Gamers Ignoring Leaked Copy Feedbacks

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 02, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” is scheduled to be released next week but everyone knows that leaked copies have somehow made their way online.

There have been some individuals who have gotten hold of “No Man’s Sky”, the most notable is the one from a Reddit user named “Daymeeuhn”. He spent $1,300 to obtain a copy of the leaked game, a gamble that paid off.

Claiming he was well-off and that he was pretty much ‘into’ the gaming industry, Daymeeuhn was aware that he could be paying for a hoax. As he showed on video, it was not.

The game loaded and he was off checking out “No Man’s Sky” which is scheduled to officially come out on Aug. 9. for the PS4. The PC version will be released three days after.

First impressions by Daymeeuhn

Being a leaked and unofficial copy, some gamers are toying with the idea that Daymeeuhn copy is not the final version. Kotaku believes that the chances of that are not likely with Hello Games likely releasing a patch on day one.

Among the issues that he laid out included game crashes and some bugs. Additionally, Daymeeuhn claims to have reached the center of the galaxy in just 30 hours of game play. With those mentioned, he believes that it may be far from the perfect dream world that most gamers were expecting.

Gamers stubbornly holding back

With that out in the open, gamers who have not gotten the chance to play the game for themselves are keeping an open mind. The revelations of Daymeeuhn have obviously spoiled the expectations of most for “No Man’s Sky”.

Worth noting is that no two people are alike. Some gamers have a certain degree of expectation so Daymeeuhn’s take could be different from others.

The days are moving fast and it may be hard to get over the revelations of Daymeeuhn and other gamers who have managed to get a copy of the game.

Just the same, the day of reckoning is still on Aug. 9 where lots of players are likely to share their own opinion on the ambitious and massive space exploration game.

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