‘Titanfall 2’ News & Updates: Will Be Available in PlayStation 4, Said Development Went Smooth

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 05, 2016 08:10 AM EDT

The first "Titanfall" game was released exclusively for PC and Xbox only and many players have raised this problem to the developer of the game. Luckily, Respawn Entertainment have heard them is now working on the game to be played on a non Xbox consoles. "Titanfall 2" is scheduled to release for all three platforms.

Available Now In PlayStation 4

According to Gamepur, Drew McCoy, the producer for Respawn Entertainment, has shared his insights about developing of the game "Titanfall 2" for PlayStation 4. During an interview with OPM UK, he admitted that they have done it multiple times making a game on a new console and requires a very hard work due to the differences in the configuration and development of the platforms.

Development Went Smooth

He also added that he had pretty good time with PlayStation 4 while working as it was easy to get grips because of the familiar architectures that the PS4 has and the tools used are good. Developing "Titanfall 2" for PlayStation 4 was not an easy task after all but thankfully, he has some amazing and talented engineer in his studio to help him with it.

An article by Segment Next said that Blake Jorgensen, the Chief Financial Officer of Electronic Arts said that "Titanfall 2" will market more than seven million units but the company is said to be very positive that their game will even do better than that.

And it's a good thing to know that the whole crew of Respawn Entertainment is not having any major problems in the development process. "TitanFall 2" is scheduled to be released as early as October 28 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, together with a single-player campaign for the very first time. 

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