‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How Level Up Fast With The 'Lucky Egg'

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 10, 2016 06:32 AM EDT

By now, most “Pokemon Go” players are aware that the best way to go is hatching those hard-to-crack 10KM eggs. This will entail a lot of traveling but the good news is that your effort holds good chances of being amply rewarded.

A key will still be the PokeStops, hopefully something better with the new tracking features Niantic recently made. The hotspots are the best places to get the goodies and level ups plus a dash of luck.

Can You cover 10 stops in 30 minutes?

Attack of the Fanboy offers a curious suggestion where “Pokemon Go” players are called upon to visit a chain of 10 PokeStops. The spots should be covered in 30 minutes (or so) and should not be revisited.

Achieving that and reaching the 10th spot will render good rewards to players able to achieve it. That includes double XP (100 XP) and more items, including a 10KM egg if gamers have a lot open.

However, it begs to ask if players will still have a slot open with the previous 9 spots holding the probability of offering random “Pokemon Go” eggs to offer. With that in mind, players could be left to decide on how they can properly manage their inventory and make room for ‘bigger items’ ahead.

Breaking the Lucky Egg

For “Pokemon Go” players who have hit level 20, a “Lucky Egg” could come in handy. At this stage, players will obviously find it harder to level up.

The “Lucky Egg” is a special item in “Pokemon Go” which can double the experience points of players for 30 minutes. Activating it is easy but the question now is when should players do so?

Before all that, it would be best to note how to get hold of the “Lucky Egg”. Game Rant suggests two ways to get it. One is through leveling up and the other is through microtransaction bundle (meaning shelling out real-time cash.

From there, players will have an army of Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles which each cost 12 candy and offer the best chances of evolving as many Pokemon as possible.

Choosing the perfect hotspot is the last step before activating the “Lucky Egg”. The whole process seems tedious but the efforts of “Pokemon Go” players stand to be generously rewarded.

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