'Pokemon GO' Cheats: What Did Nick Johnson Do to Become the First 'Pokemon GO' Master?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 12, 2016 04:13 AM EDT

The "Pokemon GO" craze has taken people in all walks of life to different places they thought, they'll never visit. But one person apparently took it literally as Nick Johnson, the first person to complete the Pokedex travelled to different countries just to collect rare Pokemons.

Johnson primarily revealed to one of his friends that he already collected all the 145 rare Pokemons. Out of the 151 Pokemons known to players, the six others remained unreleased and has yet to be discovered by players in time.

A report by TheBitBag reveals; Johnson has travelled to Hong Kong, Australia and France to collect Pokemons like Farfetch'd, Mr Mime and Kangaskhan. But apart from the excitement of collecting all the Pokemons, Johnson said that the experience of being able to travel around the world is what made it even more fulfilling.

Nick Johnson's journey in the "Pokemon GO" game has not been without the help of few sponsors to complete his collection. News revealed that Marriott Rewards and Expedia sponsored his travel expenses as one of the perks in the quest to become the first "Pokemon GO" master.

Meanwhile, it's also true that "Pokemon GO" has literally turned local people to tourists in their own countries. The game has encouraged people to go out and explore their surrounding; interestingly educating them with the landmarks in their own country that they never knew existed.

Recently, another "Pokemon GO" player named Ahmed Ali said, he already completed the Pokedex, but Niantics has to give an official statement whether the claim is valid or not. Are you progressing on your "Pokemon GO" game? What drastic actions have you made in order to increase your collection? Don't miss the latest update on how to catch Pokemons on "Pokemon GO" by reading on GamenGuide.com.

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