'Pokemon GO' Eevee Evolution: Pros And Cons Of Evolving Eevee To Jolteon, Flareon & Vaporeon

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 13, 2016 11:41 AM EDT

Eevee can be considered as one of the most loved Pokemon, may it be in "Pokemon GO" game or manga. Pokemon Eevee can be seen everywhere using the game "Pokemon GO", but Eevee's evolution breaks into three different forms, the electric, fire and water one.

In order to help you decide which Eevee evolution is the strongest, let's discuss them one by one base on an article by Mobile & Apps.

Jolteon The Electric Type Evolution

Jolteon can be considered as the weakest type among the three. But the good thing about this electric-type of Eevee is its capabilities against water-type Pokemons. To have your Eevee evolve into the electric-type Joltreon, just change its name into Sparky.

Flareon The Fire Evolution

Flareon, on the other hand, has the highest base attack but has the slowest movesets among the three. It is the fire-type evolution of Pokemon Eevee. Although fire-types are easily beaten up by those water-types, Flareon is still worth a try basing on its high base attack. To have your Eevee evolve into the fire-type Flareon, just change its name into Pyro.

Vaporeon The Water Evolution

Vaporeon is the water-type of the evolution of Eevee. It is said to be one of the strongest Pokemon in "Pokemon GO" game before the game had its recent update.

According to Rankedboost, among the three evolution of the Pokemon Eevee, Vapreon has the highest stamina and it has also a balanced defense and attack stat although Niantic had some changes on its primary attack, the Water Gun making its power dropped to 6 which is originally a 10. To have your Eevee evolve into its water type, Vaporeon, you just have to change Eevee's name into Rainer.

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