'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Legendary Birds Confirmed! Trading Mode Will Come in the Next Update?

By Daniel Flores , Updated Aug 18, 2016 08:57 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" players claimed that the three Legendary Birds are present in the game, but no one could find it. Just recently, there's a confirmation about where the said Legendaries are in the game and how to catch them.

The news get more exciting as a Twitter post revealed how players could catch the Legendary Birds of "Pokemon Go." The post featured a photo with a step-by-step tutorial in obtaining the Legendary Birds of "Pokemon Go".

The first thing players in "Pokemon Go" must do is to have Legendary Feather. To acquire this, players must first go to their team's respective gym and the team leader will approach to tell the players that there's a Legendary Bird sighting nearby. Then, the player must go investigate the area shown in the map.

Once the investigation is finished, pokestops will yield Legendary Feathers with each team in "Pokemon Go." There are three types of feathers: Lightning Feathers for Instinct, Fiery Feathers for Valor and Icy Feathers for Mystic.

However, getting feathers in pokestops will not be easy as the items come once in a while. However, when "Pokemon Go" players get at least three feathers, they must deliver the feathers to one of the pokegyms their team has conquered to initiate a battle between a Legendary Bird.

The "Pokemon Go" player or team members will try to defeat the Legendary Bird in battle. The battle will give candies to what pokemon players used in the fight. When the players succeed to defeat the creature, a special pokeball will be given to the players that will come from the team leader, which will be used to catch the Legendary Bird.

The pokeball is named after the team the player is in. So, there's Team Valor Ball, Team Instinct Ball or Team Mystic Ball. The special pokeball has a 100% catch rate to ensure the Legendary Bird is caught. Each Legendary Birds will have a Combat Power of 1500 and there will be no ways to get candies for the Birds in "Pokemon Go."

Player can only acquire one specific Legendary Bird base on what team a player is in. However, with the upcoming trading system, players can exchange pokemons and have a possible chance to get the three Legendary Birds in "Pokemon Go."

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