'Metal Gear Survive' is the First on the Metal Gear Franchise After Hideo Kojima's Exit

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 18, 2016 07:53 AM EDT

Hideo Kojima, the founding father of Konami's "Metal Gear" has relinquished any claims on the highly acclaimed videogame, but until now, it seems like his name keeps popping every time "Metal Gear" is mentioned. Now, months after he left the company, Konami has created their first series entitled "Metal Gear Survive."

Recently announced during the Gamescom 2016, Konami's "Metal Gear Survive" is the first in the "Metal Gear" franchise after Kojima's departure. Although it will not be released until 2017, the latest trailer of the game meant for Xbox One, PS4 and PC has been viewed during the event.

"Metal Gear Survive" is a prequel to the The Phantom Pain according to the Verge and the accompanying events in Survive relates after the "Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes." The trailer, if we have to rely on its concept basically includes Zombies that one might think, they're actually in one of the "Call of Duty" missions; hoarding some zombie heads along the way.

Konami European president Tomotada Tashiro said, "Metal Gear Survive" is basically a fresh take on the highly acclaimed "Metal Gear" series. Of course, with the departure of Hideo Kojima, they must find a way to hype up the series and the title couldn't be more fitting.

"Metal Gear Survive" remains a co-op multiplayer game that fans have learned to love as the game progresses. While, Tashiro made it clear that "Metal Gear Survive" is basically an addition to the "Metal Gear Solid V" series, it's also a question whether fans will meet the same characters as Hideo Kojima put in, in the last series or will Konami put some new characters in it. Are you a fan of the "Metal Gear" series? What do you think of the "Metal Gear Survive" from Konami now that Hideo Kojima is already out on the project? Get the latest news and update on the "Metal Gear Survive" post Hideo Kojima here on Game & Guide

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