Gamescom 2016 Features 'Metal Gear Survive'; Part of the Metal Gear Solid V Franchise?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 19, 2016 04:19 AM EDT

Konami has announced the arrival of "Metal Gear Survive," the first on the "Metal Gear Solid V" series since original creator Hideo Kojima left the company. Change has happened and the new Metal Gear Solid series now deals with multiplayer zombie action game.

The stealth co-op game "Metal Gear Survive" according to Konami is still part of the "Metal Gear Universe" thus, it is still available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms on 2017. "Metal Gear Survive" follows the events of "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" wherein the remaining members of the Militaires Sans Frontières are driven to a separate universe where they are relentlessly forced to battle against what they call the Crystalline Zombies; doubly put as the Metal Gear itself.

The stealth element that is widely popular in the "Metal Gear Solid V" series is getting a renewed concept in "Metal Gear Survive." According to Tomotada Tashiro, Konami European president, the stealth element has been refreshed, but not to the point where they sacrifice the unique co-op setting of the game.

Tashiro also made it clear that "Metal Gear Survive" is not a game on its own, but rather an addition to the Metal Gear Solid V that fans has used to play. The two significant part of Survive the four player co-op game and the player's ability to use new weapons to fight the enemies.

Apparently, we can expect the same branding from the Metal Gear Solid series as Survive arrives. When Hideo Kojima left Konami under undisclosed but highly rumored rift, many thought, it would be the end of the "Metal Gear Solid V" franchise, but contrary to what many expected, it looks like "Metal Gear Survive" is the next best thing.

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