'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Updates: Egg-hatching Time Concerns Addressed by Niantic?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Aug 22, 2016 09:19 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" recently became generous with news around their egg hatching. This works most especially for players who have little patience in terms of the hatching time that seemingly became a slight concern.

Niantic's title still has some work to be done for their masterpiece "Pokemon Go," which is now addressed completely by the company. As for why the change has come forth, some factors are yet to be determined such as an improved rate of tracking or simply just an adjustment for faster hatching.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, a reddit user named Gabbe95 publicly posted a question which spoke on him getting top speed around 20 miles per hour before the game ceases the registration. The said user claimed that it took ten minutes to hatch a 10K egg while driving around the neighborhood playing "Pokemon Go."

As for the other eggs, it takes "Pokemon Go" players more than five minutes to incubate the said products, which may have reached the attention of Niantic. With some players already seeing the benefit of it, gamers have not said anything to oppose the idea, The Bit Bag reported.

Despite such update, "Pokemon Go" will still require players to abide by the speed designated for the game as to make it function well. Without the delay of about five minutes, players now find the experience a lot smoother.

Generally, the main concern that befell "Pokemon Go" and Niantic would be the repercussions for the players that choose to cheat their way into getting the best Pokemon possible. That being said, the stated news for egg-hatching bothers gamers none.

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