'Pokemon Go' Latest, News & Updates: Mass Evolving May Need Some Work; Are Fans Detaching From The Game?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Aug 24, 2016 12:47 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" may be the most amusing app that gamers of today are focusing on, but it does not mean that things come easy for the fans. One concern that some see is mass evolution which takes a little bit more work than others.

As some players may find it quite difficult to do so, evolving in "Pokemon Go" is one that may require more effort than others. Herewith is a rundown on some of the key factors that need to be considered in evolving for "Pokemon Go."

According to I Tech Post, "Pokemon Go" must put into consideration their experience points which is a vital contributor to evolution. A minimum of 2 million experience points is required if a gamer aims to increase their levels from one to thirty, though it is something that might take a little while to do.

Gamers are also recommended to take note of their Poke Balls. "Pokemon Go" players must have enough Poke Balls to capture up to 228 Pidgeys; though this may differ due to the success rate of a player.

This leads to the next point, which is catching as much Pidgeys as the capacity permits. The requirement to evolve is to have at least 12 Pidgey Candies, which is rationally easy to other "Pokemon Go" players.

As the evolution process occurs, players can try to force close the game and open it once more. The said method for "Pokemon Go" is connectivity-dependent, which can ultimately change and run the evolution faster.

In other news, "Pokemon Go" may be losing a little bit of its spark, however, as Ars Technica reports. A significant drop of users was spotted during the start of August, but Niantic is still keeping their foot on the pedal for more updates.

"Pokemon Go" is one title that requires dedication, time and analysis in order to get through. Will the game flourish more in the future? Keep it locked for more gaming updates and trends.  

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