'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Cheating Gets Even Harder As New CAPTCHA System Added

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 02, 2016 08:23 AM EDT

Cheating in the game "Pokemon GO" has get even harder nowadays as Niantic has been very aggressive in giving permanent bans on those "Pokemon GO" player who cheat their way up. And now, it has been said that a CAPTCHA system will be added on the game.

After all those reported permanent banning done by Niantic in "Pokemon GO," there are still useful apps that claimed it will not be traced by the games servers and will not get you banned. But now, the game developer planned to add another protection against those cheating players.

According to Mobile & Apps, Niantic is planning to add yet another anti-cheating protection for "Pokemon GO" which is through the CAPTCHA system. This system ensures that the Pokemon players who are playing are real persons and not bots.

This system that will be added in "Pokemon GO" is just the same from those websites when you browse or register that gives you question that only a person can answer. This can also prevent any kind of third-party trackers that does not follow the rules of the game in playing "Pokemon GO."

But as of now, the said update for the game "Pokemon GO" is not yet official and was only seen on certain accounts online. But once this add-on protection feature will surely be added, this will lessen those who cheat in Pokemon GO.

The FastPokeMap creator has just shared on his Twitter saying that they might be taken down sooner or later as there are many security measures being activated very often in the game "Pokemon GO." FastPokeMap also shared their thoughts in an announcement  posted in their official site about the said CAPTCHA add-on. They said that although they are not sure if those mapping trackers will get affected by the CAPTCHA but if Niantic will send this system

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