‘Pokemon GO’ Trading System Release Date, News & Update: Feature May Be Released With Buddy Pokemon Feature, Gen 2 & Legendary Pokemons?

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Sep 08, 2016 10:56 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" players are now well aware of the Buddy System that Niantic Labs will be introducing to its massively popular game any time now. However, rumors suggest that an additional feature, the much talked about "Trading" feature may also be launched together with the Buddy System patch.

"Pokemon GO" Trading system is expected this fall and there are multiple evidences in the game code previously data-mined that suggest the existence of a Trading system. The system has also been reportedly confirmed in the updated Terms of Service of the game. Close sources have suggested that the feature has also got an initial release date.

According to Pokemon GO Hub, the trading system is like a glorified table CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) with players offering, requesting and responding to data changes. Trading will create a new mini-game inside the app and it will encourage "Pokemon GO" players to use the app every day.

The "Pokemon GO" Trading System has no game rules, business logic, no 3D rendering components and no collision detection, thereby making it fairly simple to implement. Many believe that the feature will be made available in October. There are rumors that the Trading system is hidden in the game's massive line of codes.

Niantic has confirmed the new feature addition and the "Pokemon GO" Trading feature was one of the franchise's core elements. Niantic is all set to win back its lost player base after its banning drive. Players also voluntarily left the game due to paucity of features and game issues and bugs, writes iTech Post.

The next scheduled "Pokemon GO" update will look at fixing the issues and bugs and throwing open new features to players. Some of the additional features that fans can expect after the game's patch update are VR Support, Buddy Pokemon, Pokemon Appraise, Legendary Pokemon, Special Incense and Pokemon Tracker.

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