'Persona 5' Release Date, News & Update: Second-Event In Tokyo Game Show 2016 Schedule, Cast, Crew Details [HERE]; How To Get Add'l 20GB PS4 Memory?

By Mary P. Jones , Updated Sep 15, 2016 08:13 PM EDT

"Persona 5" Tokyo Game Show 2016 second event will be a two-day broadcast to the floor of the TGS 2016 to celebrate the launching of "Persona 5." It will begin at 9:30 on Sept. 17 until 17:00 on Sept. 18, alongside the cast and crew behind "Persona 5."

"Persona 5" will be featured on Tokyo Game Show 2016 with scheduled events, trailers of gym gameplay and the introduction of Futaba Sakura. Atlus is expected to attend this year's TGS event as it has announced its schedules for activities prepared for the event that will reveal and showcase more game details on the game.

Its first event was the 5,555 Seconds Before Launch Live Stream on Sept. 14. It featured Caroline and Justine, featuring Aki Toyosaki's voice, Noriko Shouji, and Goro Akechi who was voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.

Meanwhile, there will be two new game trailers that have been streamed for "Persona 5." It features a new gym gameplay activity and the inclusion of Futaba Sakura, the Phantom Thieves resident hacker. The gym gameplay is set to include the Protagonist who is doing martial arts to increase his status for fighting shadows, Destructoid reported.

Previous trailers of "Persona 5" featured the Protagonist traveling to other places like in Japan's Maid Cafes and public bath houses while the next trailer is expected to include Futaba Sakura who boasts top-notch hacking skills. Sakura's code name is Navi and she joined "Persona 5" during the E3 2016 event together with Makoto Niishima and Haru Okumora, Siliconera reported.

"Persona 5's" Futuba Sakura is a first year student who has ingenious programming and superhuman computational skills. She may be a genius, but reportedly lacks communication skills with her peers as she has become a shut-in to other people because of a certain incident. Her Persona will be Necronimicon.

Additionally, reports have revealed that gamers will receive at least 20GB of hard drive memory from PS4 to play "Persona 5" via disc and PS3 will include at least 4.6GB of HDD. The sequel is also expected to reach a minimum of 720p of resolution.

"Persona 5" gamers may be able to recruit shadows as Persona based on the dialogue they use in a given situation to win them over to the Protagonist's side. "Persona 5" was launched on Sept.15 in Japan and Feb 2017 in North America on PS4 and PS3 consoles.


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