‘Pokemon GO’ Plus Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How Does It Work And How Can You Maximize The Potential Of Its Features! [VIDEO]

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Sep 23, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

"Pokemon GO" Plus was just released last September 16th, it was originally scheduled to be released just in time with the actual launch of "Pokemon GO." Does the latest hot commodity in the "Pokemon GO" world be worth the wait?

"Pokemon GO" Plus is intended to stray away "Pokemon GO" players from staring to their smartphones the whole time they are playing "Pokemon GO." Niantic and Nintendo wanted to make the "Pokemon GO" experience as close to reality as possible.

'Pokemon GO' Plus Features

"Pokemon GO" Plus' two main features are being able to spin a "Pokemon GO" Stop whenever one is nearby and capturing a Pokemon without pulling out your phone. Both these features has its own set of pros and cons.

For example, "Pokemon GO" Plus does not specify what type or kind of Pokemon is nearby, also you can't choose what type of ball your trainer is going to use to catch a Pokemon. Also, you can only throw one PokeBall, so if you are not able to capture the Pokemon on the first throw, it would flee right away.

In a situation where there are several Pokemon in one area, you cannot pick what Pokemon you will catch. In some instances it could also be a reason to miss capturing a rare Pokemon.

Another reason why it could be a disadvantage for a "Pokemon GO" trainer to solely use "Pokemon GO" Plus is not being able to choose what PokeBall to use. It's no secret in "Pokemon GO" that PokeBalls could alter the difficulty of capturing a Pokemon.

Another feature of "Pokemon GO" Plus that is not as heavily advertised is tracking distance. It can be used to hatch eggs, and also help increase the distance travelled of your buddy Pokemon in "Pokemon GO."

How does 'Pokemon GO' Plus works?

Whenever you are near a PokeStop, "Pokemon GO" Plus will vibrate and will flash a blue light. Once you press the device, it will flash in rainbow colors to confirm a successful spin.

In catching wild Pokemon, "Pokemon GO" Plus blinks the color green or yellow if it's a Pokemon you haven't seen or caught before. Just like spinning PokeStops, the device would rainbow colors to signify a successful catch.

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