'Street Fighter 5' Release Date, Latest News & Update: Latest Update Includes Malware? Uriel & New Environmental Knockouts Revealed

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Sep 24, 2016 08:21 AM EDT

A few days ago, we reported on the much anticipated latest update for "Street Fighter 5" that would bring gamers "boatloads of new content," including Uriel. The character is the Vice President of the Illuminati and comes free for those who have the Season Pass. He's the latest playable character in the Capcom game, which fans were delighted to play.

The excitement for the new content for "Street Fighter 5" died down pretty quickly, however, as it seems that the latest update includes malware. According to Polygon, the new content for the game also included anti-cheat measures that seemingly raised some concerns about security risks.

According to the description of the latest update for "Street Fighter 5," the anti-cheat measure was an "anti-crack solution...that prevents certain users from hacking the executable," the studio wrote on Steam. It seemed that this function wrote a new system file that accessed Window's system32 folder, thereby alerting the antivirus programs of users of a potential threat.

Yesterday, Capcom finally rolled back the latest update for "Street Fighter 5" and issued an apology on Twitter. They promised, however, that Uriel and the new environmental knockouts, as well as the other new content, will still be available to gamers after the rollout.

Speaking of environmental knockouts, Gamespot reports that the new "Street Fighter 5" latest update features funny environmental knockouts that gamers would certainly enjoy. Before the latest update, gamers can only use environmental knockoutsin the Bustling Side Street stage. Now, they can use it on a number of other levels as well, including Shadaloo Base, Underground Arena, Hillside Plaza, Forgotten Waterfall, Kanzuki Estate, Union Station, City in Chaos, Apprentice Alley, and Lair of the Four Kings.

Gamers who love ending a battle with a blast on "Street Fighter 5" would be glad to know that they can now fire their opponent out of a canon, fling them off the stage with the help of elephants, or have a snowman fall on the opponent. The game also reveals Uriel, the Vice President of the Illuminati. Check out our report on Uriel here and comment below on your feedback on the latest update on "Street Fighter 5."

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