'Last of Us 2' Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Game to Feature More Diverse Characters, Naughty Dog Eyeing a 2021 Release?

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Sep 24, 2016 08:25 AM EDT

Fans of the massively successful 2013 action-adventure survival horror video game from Naughty Dog have long been yearning for "The Last of Us 2." But because the studio is busy with other projects for last few years, it's only now that we're seeing slow progress in the development of the highly anticipated sequel.

Earlier this year, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann hinted at the possibility of "Last of Us 2," saying that they would definitely look into the material they have for the sequel to the 2013 game as soon as they finish the single-player DLC for "Uncharted 4." Gamerant reports that he even admitted that before "Uncharted 4" was on the table, they were already working on "prototypes for different ideas" within the game's universe.

These hints led to more solid proof that Naughty Dog is still pursuing "Last of Us 2" when he mentioned "the first 'Last of Us'" during a livestream. This definitely implied that there is a "second 'Last of Us.'" Even more proof of the early development of the highly anticipated game comes from developer Michael Knowland, whose LinkedIn profile read that he's been working on "The Last of Us 2" for at least a month.

It seems like a will-they-won't-they storyline when it comes to Naughty Dog and "Last of Us 2." If they are indeed already working on the sequel to the 2013 award-winning game, they are taking their time.

The latest in the rumor pipeline for "Last of Us 2" states that the game has been pushed back even further. It seems that the studio still has their sights on "Uncharted 4" and will not move forward with "Last of Us 2" until the previous runs its course.

We recently reported that as per Druckmann, they're looking to begin real work on "Last of Us 2" in 2018, and to expect a 2021 release for the highly anticipated game. Meanwhile, it seems that the studio is looking to create a diverse cast for "Last of Us 2," in the event that they finally move forward with the project.

Speaking of project, "Last of Us" was also set to have a film adaptation, but Druckermann told The Frame that the project hasn't moved forward in two years. To know the latest on "Last of Us 2," check back regularly and comment below for your experience playing the 2013 game.

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