'Clash Royale' Release Date, News, Update: September Update Brings New Cards, Two New Chests, New Tournament Modes; No. 1 On App Store Now!

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 06:52 PM EDT

"Clash Royale" received an update on Sept. 19, making a lot of fans happy and getting more people to become avid players as well, given the continuous update from Supercell. However, there are reports indicating that the new cards that came with the recent update are too difficult to be found.

The "Clash Royale's" September update featured new rare and legendary cards that were reportedly not easy to get. In addition, the game now has two new chests - the legendary chest that costs 500 gems and the epic chest at 10,000 gold coins. Both could be dropped at any regular battle won, which means the players may also receive two new possibilities other than the gold, silver, magical, giant and the super magical chests. The Legendary chest has at least one legendary card, while epic chest contains only epic cards.

The game will also have a Custom tournament mode, where players with gems will create tournaments and others could join. In Challenges tournament mode, on the other hand, players may enter two Challenge modes, the Grand that costs 100 gems and the Classic at 10 gems.

However, the recent update reportedly lessened the Gem reward up to 100 instead of 500. Nevertheless, the start of a tournament has also been updated, as it now costs only 100. As for the prizes, the Grand Challenge guarantees 1,400 gold and 20 cards, with two being rare cards. On the other hand, the Classic Challenge guarantees 130 gold with two common cards, The Bit Bag reported.

Meanwhile, "Clash Royale" landed on the no. 1 spot of the App Store charts in terms of revenues after getting updates that feature new cards. Niantic's Pokemon Go reportedly fallen from the top spot after spending more than two months as no. 1 following its release in July. However, there are speculations that the Google Maps-run location game is likely to reclaim the top spot when Niantic comes up with major updates.

Nevertheless, "Clash Royale" is the king for now, Venture Beat reported. "Clash Royale" Update Concepts - NEW Legendary, Epic, Rare Cards!

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