iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 Release Date, News & Update: Secret iPhone 7 Vulnerabilities, What Apple Refuses To Reveal?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 07:06 PM EDT

iPhone 7's less obvious vulnerabilities that has not been revealed before, including the removal of headphone jack. Its lack of the feature, however, made the device more notably water proof than its predecessor.

The iPhone 7 model appears to be not hydraulicpressproof - a weakness that some people would want for the company to address next time. Also, its new jet black finish has reportedly made the glossy 7 model among the must haves of the season, however, its beauty seems to come with a price, as fine micro-abrasions are confirmed to show in the handset, Gizmodo reported.

Meanwhile, iPhone 7 Jet Black, including iPhone 7 Plus will be unavailable in stores on the day of release. The announcement from Apple was released following early warnings that the clamor for the new smartphone will be heavier than its current capability to supply. In fact, the people who want to purchase the new iPhone models yet did not pre-order or failed to avail the Apple upgrade plan are expected to have difficulty getting one now.

Purchase of iPhone 7 Jet Black and iPhone 7 Plus will be tough for walk-in customers, because, based on reports, the production failed to meet the current demands. As a matter of fact, even the black, silver, rose gold and gold iPhone 7 variants are reportedly on a limited supply. Nevertheless, Apple is pleased with the warm public reception of their new phone.

The iPhone 7-related announcement appears to notify the customers who plan on going to Apple stores to buy the new smartphone. While the company has mentioned the possibility of finding some on other retailers, the chance remains to be slim. Others believe that Apple will prioritize its own sales mediums before its retailers.

iPhone 7 fans have been seen camping outside the nearest Apple stores since Sept. 15 as they waited for the release. Although the tech giant did not confirm a date as to when the iPhone models will be available again, it assures its customers that they can still order any model or color they want through its official website, The Bit Bag reported.

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