'Destiny: Rise of Iron' Release Date, News & Update: The Review That Will Shock You!

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 30, 2016 11:38 PM EDT

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" offers a new storyline with packed with fantasy elements, more additional public events, new upcoming multiplayer raid, increased cooperative strikes, as well as assortment of players vs. player offerings. In a nutshell, the new expansion tries to dig under the surface of Bungie's post-apocalyptic world.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" brings you an interesting tale of the Iron Lords, which is the order of warriors that battled prior to the post-apocalyptic world. "Rise of Iron"draws big influences from the popular "Game of Thrones"and "Lord of the Rings". These include the wolves lie sprawled across the stone floors of Felwinter Peak, ancient evils return from the past to bring chaos and mayhem to the present, as well as characters don pelts to pass the snowy mountains.

According to Gamespot, the setup is quite promising but the writing, on the other hand, doesn't really lend the premise of momentum. Characters are described as one-dimensional only and the plot doesn't convey the weight of missions. When compared to "The Taken King", which was Destiny's previous expansion, the Rise of Iron's storyline seems to be a narrative step back of Destiny.

The actual questlines, however, is pretty impressive. Other things that stand out include a skirmish that plays out in the shadows of huge anti-aircraft guns and a boss fight that supports melee combat all throughout. More so, the new cooperative strikes also exhibits the same paralysis when it comes to past and future, Polygon reported.

The actual new strike, however, pits you against an ogre invulnerable to damage, forcing you to dodge his walloping attacks while you get rid of his handler. The ogre is always a threat. It constantly hinders that objective and creates tension.

In "Destiny: Rise of Iron", majority of the maps are composed of close-quarters hallways, as well as catwalks of varying elevations.

"Destiny: Rise of Iron" Review

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