'Overwatch' Haloween DLC Latest News & Update: Roster to Get New Skins; Zarya Invades 'Heroes of the Storm'

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 04, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Less than a month before the Halloween, "Overwatch" is receiving some twists via scary-themed DLC and pre-season events as well. "Heroes of the Storm" is also set to receive a facelift with Zarya coming in to the roster.

To clear up before excitement escalate too much, "Overwatch" Halloween DLC is still a rumor. It started when Reddit user TheFunyunKnight hints of events especially intended for this month October. Several "Overwatch" specific clue terminologies were also included like Genji, Cyborg Ninja, Tracer and Soldier 76.

Then came fan made Halloween skins fuelling speculations. Genji in magician's signature tuxedo outfit while Zenyata looks cool in ghost costume trimmed with witch pumpkins. Reaper on the other hand, emerged as Washington Irving's headless horseman. Lastly, McCree have a subtle French musketeer outfit.

Then again, developer Blizzard Entertainment is still silent about "Overwatch" prepping for Halloween so gamers can watch out for possibilities within the week or so. The good thing is high hopes the gamers have over these rumors, iDigital Times said.

There is also a wish list circulating right now about what fans expect from "Overwatch" characters. It seems to be endless because Halloween costumes mix and match are inexhaustible anyway.

Now going into "Overwatch" Zarya crossover into another Blizzard title "Heroes of the Storm," the pink-haired beaut will follow Tracer's footsteps. Aleksandra Zaryanova will feature her signature skills like particles and gravity manipulation. Of course, don't discount her particle cannon that is ever-ready to shoot balls of energy.

Zarya will battle in new "Overwatch" location called Warhead Junction. The cool thing about this place is option to locate and collect nuke warheads then use them to obliterate oppositions. Meaning, Warhead Junction looks nothing like stunning but war-torn space peppered with ruins instead. For those who want to catch up, "Overwatch" is available through PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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