Mass Effect 3 N7 Weekend: Operation Heartbreaker Starts Today, DLC "Hopefully" Revealed Next Week

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 15, 2013 11:38 AM EST

Another weeknd, another Mass Effect 3 N7 Bounty event. With Valentines Day behind us, BioWare is catering to all the spurned hearts out there who went stag for the holiday with "Operation Heartbreaker." From now until Sunday, February 17th, it's heart-break or be-broken as players will be gunning to take down as many Banshees as possible. No need to fight over who gets the kill, there'll plenty of extra enemies to go around. 

Here are the full details, courtesy of the Bioware blog:


Event Description: The number of Banshees on the battlefield has suddenly increased. We believe the Reapers are improving their means of creation, and we need to recover as many Banshee bodies as possible for analysis. Use cautious tactics - and try not to get your heart ripped out.

Individual Goal: Earn 20,000 points killing Banshees.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Once the weekend is over, though, Mass Effect 3 players may have something to look forward to. After last month's tease, Bioware will "hopefully" release details about the game's upcoming DLC next week.

BioWare's Community Manager Chris Priestly, responding to clammoring fans, tweeted: "When it is ready to be talked about, it will be. Not my decision, but I think, hopefully, late next week." Officially, BioWare says they plans to discuss the next ME3 DLC this month. 

Information for the new DLC, apparently called "Reckoning," was uncovered by data miners in a recent patch release. An unconfirmed product description "Reckoning" also popped up on Reddit. You can read it all below:

"The day of reckoning is nigh! The Reckoning Multiplayer Expansion brings six new never before seen co-op story missions to the game and new co-op gameplay modes. It provides four new maps to conquer and hazard variations of the Earth maps."

"It also enables reinforcement packs that offer new kits for the salarians, krogans, humans and volus. In-game reinforcement packs now include three new weapons (Chakram Launcher, Blood Pack Punisher and Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle)."

The weapons listed above have been added to single player, but the patch revealed that they'll make the jump to multiplayer as well as part of "Reckoning."

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