'Clash Of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Update: Supercell Focuses On Game Balance, Modified Spells, New Wizard Levels - Update On Oct. 15?

By LA Zamora , Updated Oct 06, 2016 06:59 AM EDT

Players of "Clash of Clans" are getting antsy waiting for the release of the massive "Clash Of Clanst" Oct. update. The waiting game has stretched out for more than a month already, as Supercell was expected to release the massive update on Sept.

"Clash Of Clans" Oct. Update - Game Balance & Attack Stats

On the official "Clash Of Clans" website, Supercell laid out the possible make up of the upcoming "Clash Of Clans" Oct. update. Supercell said that they are on the process of tweaking the game balance by implementing some playtesting changes in the game play as well as examining the attack stats.

The said "Clash Of Clans" Oct. update will reportedly push through with enhancing Town Hall 11 and increasing the gaming experience for levels below it. There will also be high level upgrades as well as slight changes in war loot rules and Clan Wars XP.

"Clash Of Clans" Oct. Update - Wizard Levels

Supercell brings high level wizards to the party as they appear in Town Hall level 9, which used to be available only for players in Town Hall 10. The Baby Dragon is also made available one notch lower at Town Hall 10.

Modified Spells For "Clash Of Clans" Oct. Update

Supercell has reportedly modified the Skeleton Spell and will now unleash 26 skeletons in a single slot As for the Clone Spells, there will be a longer lifespan for the troops and will be more sensitive to strategic positioning.

Losers Are Still Winners

During clan wars, the losers will still have a chance to win a partial win bonus.  When players attack lower town hall levels, the War Win Bonus will remain the same with no more deductions.  

Supercell also balanced the Clan XP for tougher opponents and targets. The tougher the target or opponent, the greater Clan XP is given, with a ceiling of 10XP.

There's no specific date yet for Supercell to roll out the "Clash Of Clans" Oct. update but online COC forums are expecting it on the third week of Oct. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "Clash Of Clans" news and update!

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