New Screen Shows Off New Features of Title Update 9 for Minecraft on Xbox 360

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 20, 2013 03:28 PM EST

As promised, 4J has shared a screenshot from Minecraft's Title Update 9 on Xbox 360.

Working from the top left, the literal tail end of the Ender Dragon can be seen, and the player can be seen holding a spawn egg, along with more in their inventory. 

At top-right, we an see an ender portal, along with a better view of the spawn eggs in the player's inventory. Look closely, and you can see that signs are now stackable, though you can't stack as many as you can in the PC version. We can also see a player at the base of the portal's steps bent over. This is actually the game's crouch position, so players will be able to creep walk to get to the edge of blocks without falling.

At bottom-left, the infamous X marks the spot of the portal to The End, home of the Ender Dragon. While the map makes them hard to see, the image also shows the updates new beach enviroments, which is perfect if you want to re-create Cast Away. (Disclaimer: Neither Tom Hanks or his Grizzly Adams beard will be featured in this update.)

Lastly, on the bottom right, you can see that water is being shot out via dispenser, forming a waterfall. 4J confirmed that dispensers will also be able to work with lava as well. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for traps, generators, etc.

Beyond what's seen in the picture, what's confirmed to arrive in the new update are next update include The End, and climbable vines.

There is still no set release date for Title Update 9 though we do know it won't be coming this month. We'll post a complete list of the changes once 4J makes it available.  

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