'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: Leaked Snap Reveals Sombra! Description, Details & More Revealed! Image Proves Hints Coming Halloween Brawl?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Oct 09, 2016 03:33 PM EDT

One of the most notorious characters from "Overwatch" has now been leaked and surfacing online. Sombra, the new addition in the next update of the game presented earlier than expected that makes fans more excited. Some say that the appearance of this new creature was hacked from Blizzard's internal website.

Leaked Image Revealed Sombra's Coming In 'Overwatch'

Sombra is introduced as "one of the world's best and most notorious hackers" coming in "Overwatch," per Polygon. Although it was not revealed when this image was taken, she was also presented as the hacker who will hack her way "into the build later tonight." Aside from that, the leaked snap also has the lovely lady's short description.

"Overwatch" Sombra is described as a hacker that worked for the Mexican Los Muertos gang, which was first introduced in the animated short story, "Soldier: 76." However, with the intelligence and excellence she has, she attracts a lot of attention that she needs to go underground. Later, she was employed with the Talon organization, the same group which Reaper and Widowmaker work for.

Sombra's Snap Proves The Hints For The Coming 'Overwatch' Halloween Brawl?

Forbes reported that the leaked snap was tracked from the Russian group of "Overwatch," but the link was now taken down. Though a screenshot was saved and now making rounds online. Aside from the short bio, it revealed Sombra's appearance. She was once described as a black bob with a skull mask, but the image revealed a beautiful Latina carrying a different kind of hairstyle.

Sombra was wearing a violet trench coat, a pair of special gloves and holding a Uzi-ish submachine gun. The leaked snap, appearance and description of the character are all lined up to the coming character first hinted for the coming "Overwatch" for Halloween brawl. Other leaks seen on Imgur were the front page of the next comic that will be released next week.

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