PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Update: What Is The Future For Sony's Next Console?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 11, 2016 01:36 AM EDT

The question that baffles the gamers about tech giant Sony is whether there is a possibility of PlayStation 5 and if so, how will it fit into the gaming world?

Yes, PlayStation 4 is still young and doing great since almost 3 years ago when it was introduced. Its sisters PlayStation 4 Pro and Slim provide timely upgrades to cope up with what rapid changes tech has to offer over that short span of time. However, the fact remains that they are still carrying 4 surname and not the coveted PlayStation 5. Best guess placed possible release eating up at least the next three years more.

Remember that there is a puzzle how PlayStation 5 will fit into the new gaming age? It is because there is a new school of thought that the era of big consoles has practically ended. Gamers are witnessing another race where smaller trimmed-down versions are hot. Who could tell if the next 5 years will spawn truly portable consoles. Nintendo is working for such kind anyway.

Tech Radar made an interesting guess about how PlayStation 5 will look like. This guess was based on Sony's conservative attitude towards console developing. While specifications may change and it is obvious that future version will pack unprecedented power. PS5 looks may still be the same considering that there are not much change 20 years since console gaming was conceived.

Another determinant of what are in store for PlayStation 5 is the current trend of streaming capabilities same as PlayStation Now. Former PlayStation Mag editor Ben Wilson said that while streaming technology is available, discs will stay for a while yet. Wilson argued that people always love tangible discs over digital copies. Another issue is the growing size of game downloads. Discs offer flexibility of storage while avoiding over burdened hard drives.

With these factors and observations surrounding the possible PlayStation 5, arguments will silt with Sony. There will always be ascendants and descendants in video gaming but in the end, plain gamers are here to witness such changes.

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