'Dead Island' Dev Makes Plans For PS4 And Xbox 720

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 15, 2013 07:32 PM EDT

"Dead Island: Riptide" isn't even out yet, but developer Deep SIlver already has plans to introduce their hungry flesh munchers to consoles of the next generation. After all, who doesn't love them some zombies?

Speaking with Videogamer, Deep Silver's Creative Producer Alex Toplansky says, "We would be stupid to not be looking at all of the possibilities that are out there. We've been very lucky to have been able to create a sustainable community of people that are really into this game. It would be terrible for us and for them to ignore that, so of course we are looking at lots and lots of very exciting possibilities for the future."

Don't count on this as a guarantee though. The developer would obviously have to wait to see how "Riptide" would perform before they plow head first into another "Dead Island" title. Notes Toplansky, "I think it would be irresponsible to raise expectations right now but I think people should keep an eye out."

Deep Silver hasn't announced their intention to bring any of their other titles to next-gen consoles, but with the developer slated to appear at PAX East later this month, maybe they'll have some more news for us.

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