PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Head to Head Comparison with PC Gaming Rig; Can Sony Keep Up?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 19, 2016 06:11 PM EDT

PlayStation 4 Pro sets new barometer on console gaming that results to fans having lofty expectations that Sony can go head to head against PC. Admittedly, PC games remain on steady foot due to flexibility and increasing hardware demands of current titles.

Remember that gamers should be held blameless if they are expecting the moon and stars from PlayStation 4 Pro. After all, Sony Interactive head Andrew House himself lit the wick that started the whole debate. Now the question that should be answered is if it really possible for PS4 Pro to compete with PC.

House boasted that PlayStation 4 Pro is Sony's proactive approach to prevent gamers from switching into PC. Since PS4 is already ageing and previous trends suggest that switch to PC is inevitable, House believes that PS4 Pro will serve as a deterrent. This upgraded console is due next month and Sony is confident that it can halt potential exodus to gaming rigs, Value Walk reported.

To be blunt about House's confident statements regarding PlayStation 4 Pro, consoles cannot really come close to PC gaming rigs. Though unlikely, consoles can probably land in topnotch position upon release but will ultimately end eating dust in the race midway. All components including motherboard, CPU, memory, graphics and others will suffer deterioration after two years at the most. In comparison, PC offers flexibility of piece-by-piece upgrades at do-it-yourself option, Geek reported.

Now for the most important part, graphics quality is probably the criterion where PlayStation 4 Pro is going to be killed. Yes, there are cool features like HDR and Forward Compatibility 4K support in PS4 Pro but PC will always lead the frame rate department. PS4 textures, lighting and other qualities are giveaways where consoles looked at par with PC. But then, there are chugs when playing at eye candy 60fps.

In the end, there are other departments worthy of head-to-head comparison but they might be overkill. If we are to add Steam in the final equation, then PlayStation 4 Pro will end up with its head hanging low.

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