'Left 4 Dead' Meets 'Resident Evil 6' In This Mash-Up

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 22, 2013 04:01 PM EDT

In case you didn't hear, "Left 4 Dead 2's" characters are taking a guest spot in "Resident Evil 6's" Mercenaries game, and Capcom has more than just a couple of screenshots to prove it. A trailer shows Coach, Rochelle, Nick, and Ellis doing what they do best, which is shooting things trying to kill them.

The "Left 4 Dead" crew is also bringing a few of their undead pals along for the ride as well for their new "RE" buddies to tackle, in the form of the Witch, and the mini-tank.   

This particular addition is a PC exclusive, and only for the Mercenaries' "No Mercy" mode. On the plus side, the price is especially agreeable, being that it's free. The new characters hit April 5th.

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