'Grand Theft Auto V' Latest News & Update: Samsung Issues YouTube Take Down Against Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Parody

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 21, 2016 08:38 PM EDT

Tech giant Samsung clearly got pissed when "Grand Theft Auto V" parody that allegedly depicts the controversial Galaxy Note 7 into an exploding device. Galaxy Note 7 was the controversial phone that amassed international attention due to reports of being fire-prone, resulting to recall from market and production stoppage later.

This "Grand Theft Auto V" exploding phone parody circulated through YouTube and became instant hit among gamers. However, Samsung promptly responded by filing DMCA takedown. Kotaku reported that some popular videos that has reference to Galaxy Note 7 has been taken down already. YouTube posts Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and affiliates as copyright claimants.

The original uploader of "Grand Theft Auto V" exploding phone parody came by handle sdaddy345. His reactions can be traced at Reddit where he unloaded his frustrations. Sdaddy345 is operating a channel called Modded Games who suddenly garnered recognition due to his controversial video.

At any rate, "Grand Theft Auto V" exploding phone parody is hanging by very slim possibility of reinstatement at YouTube. Sdaddy345 already filed his defense but the whole process will take at least 10 days before he can receive final YouTube verdict.

Sdaddy345 wrote his defense by explaining that "Grand Theft Auto V" showing phone-bomb is a simple case blown out of proportion. He claimed that his upload is 100 percent unique and not derivative of any real-life phone. Then sdaddy345 capped his argument that no logo nor word Samsung was spoken or written in his upload.

Meanwhile, sdaddy345's "Grand Theft Auto V" parody is not the only video in YouTube that depicts weaponized phones. In fact, there are lots of same concept where gamers hold phones then throw them at vehicles or opponents. All of them have similar effect to that of high-explosive grenades.

The gaming community has mixed reactions about this "Grand Theft Auto V" exploding phone parody. After all, real-life Samsung Galaxy Note 7 doesn't actually explode. Catching fire, yes - but explosion might be an overblown description.

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