‘Borderlands 3’ Release Date, News & Update: ‘Battleborn’ DLC’s Easter Egg Confirms Promethea Setting? What Happens To Pandora?

By AASalvador , Updated Nov 02, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Fans have been looking forward to the latest news and update about "Borderlands 3" ever since the Gearbox CEO said that there is more to be expected from the first person shooting game. The details were not yet confirmed but fans can hope, right?

Last month, there were reports of fans bringing their hopes to Twitter for a confirmation of "Borderlands 3" as it celebrates their 7th anniversary. As gamers are very well aware of, Gearbox had their hands full with the release of "Battleborn."

The latest "Battleborn" DLC has been reported to surprise gamers with a small Easter egg which gamers think reveals the setting of "Borderlands 3." Previously, the Gearbox game was set in Pandora, but in the upcoming game, fans think it will be Promethea.

Players of "Battleborn" reveal that there is a wall behind one of the gates that protect the ancient city. The graffiti on the wall reads Promethea which is one of the significant planets in the lore. Could it be the new setting for "Borderlands 3?"

Pandora was considered a wasteland with a harsh environment. However, a message tells the inhabitants of the planet that at least they were not on Promethea. With that, gamers can conclude how difficult it would be to survive "Borderlands 3" given it's not so friendly surroundings.

Fans also speculate that if the reports that "Borderlands 3" will be set on planet Promethea, Gearbox might give the game a different name. What do you think will be the best name for the upcoming third installment?

Gearbox has not released any official date for "Borderlands 3" to hit the market. Do you want the next setting will be on Promethea or just remain in Pandora? Tell us what you think and continue to subscribe to GamenGuide for the latest news and update of "Borderlands 3."

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