Samsung Galaxy Note 7 News & Updates: Will Samsung Axe Its Note Brand? Latest Scoop On the Future Of Its Phablet Series

By V Doctor , Updated Nov 04, 2016 11:17 AM EDT

After Samsung's colossal blunder with its Note 7 issue, the Korean tech giant has pronounced its could-have-been premiere phablet dead. It has ceased all production of the device and has ordered all sellers to cease from selling all of such products.

With that at hand, it might take some time before Samsung can redeem itself especially considering that the Samsung Note 7 had been anticipated by those who bought it. Rumors say that Samsung is already putting a definite end on the Note series and would completely be axing its phablet line all together, but how true are all those?

Is Samsung Shutting Down Its Note Series?

Techno Buffalo reports that after this enormous controversy shook the gadget world, loyal fans of the brand are wondering what Samsung's plans are for its future. It appears that those who have stayed loyal with Samsung and had been satisfied by past models of the Samsung Note series are still excited as to what the company will bring for them in the future.

Unfortunately, there are others who don't feel the same way. Some believe that the controversy has tainted their franchise name beyond measure and that axing the name completely would make it easier for the company to recover.

Samsung Poised To Release New Phablets To Recover From Note 7 Mistake

Reports, however, say that even if Samsung would decide to axe its Note product line, another phablet would take its place. The company has been releasing new models of the Samsung Note and S series annually.

But some say that the company's tight release schedule and effort to keep up with strong demands is having a tremendous effect on their output. What cannot be doubted at this point is that Samsung would not allow another fiasco to follow up after what has happened to the Note 7.

On the other hand, Know Your Mobile reports that Samsung Galaxy will not axe its Note brand and it appears that it already has some solid redemption plans with the upcoming release of the Samsung S8. While some sources would say that Samsung has considered totally axing the Note line, a more recent report says that not only is the Galaxy Note brand safe, but a Galaxy Note 8 is planned for release in 2017 as well.

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